Epicurean Harvest

(Epicurean; one who finds pleasure in fine food, harvest; the process or period of gathering in crops)

Epicurean Harvest is a small certified organic market garden/farm growing a diverse range of unique vegetables in the higher altitudes of Blue Mountains, surrounded by Heritage National Park, just west of Sydney. The cool climate differs from the Sydney Basin, allowing for slower growing, sweeter, more flavoursome vegetables that Erika and Hayden, the founders, harvest all by hand and deliver themselves to restaurant kitchens within 12 hours of being picked. The goals for Erika and Hayden aren’t just to grow and supply an array of highly nutritious vegetables, but to develop a relationship with the land on which they grow; to nurture the soils, the springs and the surroundings, and share that relationship with the customers that choose to use their produce. The couple met at University, studying Horticultural Science, and believe wholeheartedly in the importance of connecting the eating back to the growing.


First Farm Organics

An organic market garden growing open pollinated heirloom vegetables, berries, fruits and flowers to order. The farm is situated on 40-acres and is nestled in the Kanimbla Valley in the Blue Mountains.

Our gardening is based on organic practises. No use of systemic pesticides are used, instead we use a crop rotation system with green manure crops to maintain fertility of the soils, which in most cases fights off infestations of pests.

Our motto is… grow the soil and the soil will grow for you!

Fabrice works closely with our restaurant. He also sells at farmers markets, the Blue Mountains Food Co-Op and farm-gate sales.

Advance planning for the next season’s crops is vital. The sowing of seeds, transplanting and growing on is continuous to meet the ever-changing seasonal menus.


Nicholas Seafood

Established in 1930 and located at the Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont, Nicholas Seafood has been a trusted name in the food industry for decades.

Nicholas Seafood employs a dedicated team of experienced fishmongers focused on providing customers with the widest range of the best and freshest seafood.

By working closely with aquaculturists, suppliers, government bodies and master fishermen such as Mark Eather, Nicholas Seafood has cemented its reputation as an elite supplier of ethically and responsibly sourced sustainable seafood of the highest quality.


Andrews Meats

Peter Andrews is the CEO of Andrews Meat Industries, one of Australia’s most progressive Foodservice Suppliers. We work closely with Peter to ensure we have highest quality meat possible. Peter has an in depth understanding of the product we striving to achieve. Peter speaks with our chefs on a daily basis to ensure everything is running smoothly. Peter has over 25 years’ experience in sourcing and supplying high quality meat to customers across Australia and the world. Andrews Meat Industries is at the forefront of product Branding and Brand development, due to their strong relationships connecting suppliers, farmers and end users.


Matt Brown

Matt Brown’s Greens was established in 1990 by Matt, as a former chef who worked in Sydney and France he saw a place in the market for a high quality, innovative provedore with exceptional customer service.

The company has sustained growth over the last 26 years.

Based at adjacent to Sydney Markets, Matt Brown’s Greens delivers the finest Australian grown product available. Sourced through long-standing relationships with growers and suppliers, we select product based on flavour rather than appearance. We use an extensive ripening program to ensure produce is at its full potential.

Client service drives the business and Matt personally discusses product seasons and menus with customers on a daily basis. The client base includes many of Sydney’s most renowned and awarded restaurants.